It is a symbiotic relationship between nature and craft that sets Cuevas apart, steadfast in its determination to keep alive a time-honoured culinary protagonist, a true of "piece of forest soul" that brings pure pleasure to the senses.

The magical of this product stems from both its sources and production process. Only about ten out of over 80 varieties of chestnut found in Galician forests pass the test for making Marron Glacé. These chestnut varieties undergo a rigorous selection process based on organoleptic and morphological criteria. Only a few are deemed suitable to undergo the metamorphosis process that will raise them to Marron Glacé class.

Once selected, this magical nut is subjected to a delicate and slow steam peeling process for which a complex, specific technology is required. Once this process is completed, the chestnuts are candied one by one into syrup through a slow osmosis process, and subsequently embellished with a fine, crunchy vanilla-scented glaze.

This is a delicate treatment that takes 240 hours of sheer patience, commitment and perseverance, which is clearly justified by the genuine character and goodness of this unique product.

Marrón Glacé steam peeling

steam peeling

Marrón Glacé fire peeling

fire peeling

Marrón Glacé Glazed



Currently, Cuevas is one of the few companies in the world that operates a double chestnut peeling technology using both fire and steam, in order to ensure that worldwide demand for chestnuts’ products, without exception, is duly met.

The delicate steam peeling treatment to which the chestnuts destined for making Marron Glacé are exposed – a patient and laborious process that leaves to our highly trained staff the difficult task of manually removing the inner skin that is inevitably attached to the fruit – ensures their; all of this effort is aimed at preventing damage to its structure.

The chestnuts intended for preparation as preserves are treated by a process of peeling in a fire-burning oven. Cuevas is well-known for the high productivity and efficiency of this line that incorporates the latest technology and has a production capacity of 40,000 kg/day.