Tradition and commitment to our gastronomic heritage

Cuevas’ long relationship with chestnuts dates back more than half a century, when the large group of emigrants residing in America wanted access to the most nostalgic fruits of our forests from a distance.

Cuevas stands out due to its symbiosis between nature and craftsmanship, firmly committed to keeping a culinary legacy so full of history alive. A genuine product with “soul”.

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Constant evolution

Throughout a century-long business trajectory, many achievements, objectives and goals have been achieved. Here are some of the most relevant.

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Francisco de las Cuevas starts the business of what is now Grupo Cuevas.

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We began to export chestnuts and other agroforestry to the Americas.

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We began freezing fresh chestnuts to meet the demands of the Asian market.
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We opened the first factory producing Marron Glacé. We were pioneers in Spain.
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We won the “Product Packaging” silver award in the BEST PACK.
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We are present in more than 30 countries around the world and we continue to grow…