Erizo de castaña


Nature and craftsmanship

It is in the symbiosis between nature and craftsmanship where Cuevas stands out, steadfast in its conviction to maintain a culinary witness filled with history, a true piece of forest soul taken to the maximum sensory expression.


The best varieties

Only a dozen of the more than 80 varieties of chestnuts found in the Galician forests are suitable for making Marron Glacé. They pass through strict selection according to organoleptic and morphological criteria.

Only a few will be able to experience the process that will raise them to the category of Marron Glacé.

Castañas al natural


Delicacy and rigour

The chestnut, once selected, undergoes a delicate peeling process requiring complex resources of specific technology. We are one of the few companies in the world that has a dual fire peeling / steam peeling technology, to fully cover the entire market demand for chestnut products.

Castaña pelada a fuego
Castaña y agua
Castaña confitada



Once the peeling process is over, our chestnuts are individually candied through a slow process of osmosis in a nectar, to finish embellishing them with a fine and crunchy coverage of vanilla-scented “Glass”.


Specialised personnel

The entire delicate process of the product is checked and performed by specialised staff, carrying out and completing many processes by hand, thus guaranteeing the integrity of the fruit and obtaining the highest possible quality of the end result.

Envasado de Marron Glacé
Marron Glacé


A unique and delicate product

The entire process that lasts over 240 hours of patience, dedication and perseverance visibly justifies the authentic character and delightfulness of this carefully made product, with a unique texture and flavour.

Take it home

Surprise your loved ones with this culinary gem that will leave no one indifferent.

Available in various formats and product ranges to be used in cooking or directly consumed.