Mencía-wine stewed hock with flavours of the forest

Jarrete estofado al mencía

Stew a hock in the traditional way by first browning it in oil and then adding the chopped vegetables. Add a generous amount of Mencía wine that we will allow to evaporate completely. Cover up to half of the meat with broth and let it stew slowly for 2 hours.

When the meat is tender, we separate it and strain the sauce to which we will add the Cuevas Chef garnish, that is, a selection of forest products (chestnuts, pine nuts, plums and wild mushrooms) that will give the sauce a very special flavour and will be the ideal accompaniment to the meat.

For this recipe you need: “Chestnut garnish with wild mushrooms, plums and pine nuts” by Cuevas Chef

Dish prepared by Javier González (Restaurant A Rexidora).