Chestnut in avant-garde cooking

In the world of haute cuisine, innovation and creativity are vital. And when it comes to elite ingredients, chestnuts are particularly relevant as a culinary gem that elevates dishes to new heights of flavour and sophistication.

Discover how haute cuisine chefs use these little autumn wonders to create truly exceptional dining experiences.

They have all experienced the seminars held by Cuevas y Cía for the dissemination of such a unique and typically Spanish product, which you can see in its entirety from here.

Foro de la castaña
Paco Torreblanca


Paco Torreblanca

We shared with the most awarded Spanish pastry chef of all time an enriching seminar in which he gave his perspective on the evolution of the universe of confectionery and prepared live some of his most sublime interpretations that have the chestnut as their protagonist:

  • Silver oyster with chestnut panettone and chocolate.
  • Saffron macaroni with Tahitian vanilla chestnut purée.
  • Crunchy opera of chocolate coffee and pieces of chestnut.
  • Chestnut Mont Blanc with autumn leaves.

Authentic culinary filigrees or “Ephemeral Sculptures” as he himself defines it.


Pepe Rodríguez Rey

A chef who, without succumbing to success, combines his modesty and humility with the highest doses of creativity. His restaurant El Bohío in Illescas (Toledo) is considered one of the temples of avant-garde Spanish cuisine, capturing the interest of the most demanding gastronomic critics in the world.

He exhibited all his talent during his visit to Ourense, where he reflected on the gastronomic potential of the chestnut accompanied by a master class in which he delighted us with appetisers of foie gras cream with chestnut and partridge pickle, or chickpea with wild mushrooms, chestnuts and pine nuts with pineapple sauce, coconut and curry, among others.

arzak restaurant

Juan Mari Arzak

With his extraordinary spirit, this gastronomic icon shared with us his perception of the chestnut and the versatility it offers, the role it plays in his cooking, as well as the techniques he uses to incorporate it into his unprecedented culinary creations.

A master class in knowledge, humility and talent.


Jordi Roca

Together with his team, he showed us how a new idea is conceived and the creative process that is followed until it becomes a new dish. He explained some of his creations that have already reached the category of symbols (“Nubes blancas”, (“White Clouds”), “Viaja a la Habana” (“Trip to Havana”), “Gol de Messi” (“Messi’s Goal”)…) and his most recent contributions and creative essays.

In his speech, he prepared four desserts with chestnuts, two of which are included in the menu of the Celler de Can Roca and the other two were made for the first time in this collaborative event.

A demonstration of contribution to the development and enhancement of the chestnut product, by the person defined as “the genius of confectionery”.

Andrea Tumbarello


Andrea Tumbarello

Popularly known as the “king of the white truffle” and considered the best Italian chef in Spain, Andrea introduced us to some of his elaborate and original recipes of edible aromas, in which he combined his famous fresh pasta with the delights of the forest: wild mushrooms, truffles and, especially for this occasion, chestnuts.

All this showcasing his overflowing personality and a direct and forceful way of expressing himself that has earned him his well-known extroverted image.